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September 30, 2022

The Landscape Design & Landscape Construction, Inc. Site provides many useful functions that are only available to authorized individuals. To access these tools, you must Logon to the Site by entering your Landscape Design SiteName and Password. Please review the following information to facilitate logging onto the Site:

You know your SiteName and Password
Click to Logon. Enter your SiteName and Password. Click the "Logon" button.
You have previously logged onto the site, but have forgotten your Password
Click to Logon: Reset Password and follow the instructions there
You should be known to Landscape Design, but don't know your SiteName or Password
Contact the Webmaster at requesting your SiteName and information about how to logon to the Site.

A comment about your Password

Anyone who figures out your SiteName and Password combination can logon to the Site and interact with the Site as if they were you. This is NOT a desirable thing, so PLEASE set your password wisely (use letters and numbers, no common names, etc.)! For the same reason, remember to logoff when you are done working in the secure Areas.

Set your Password carefully and protect it!
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